What will happen to Spiderman as his secret identity has been revealed by Mysterio in FFH!?



Well this is a tricky one but i think that they could make a movie based on this. Perhaps spiderman could try to clear his name whilst the government could be trying to jail him but after failing they call a professional who could be kraven the hunter who does not want to capture the spider but kill it.

People will start hating him for what he did to Mysterio. He will be seen as a villain of the city, then he would savethe city from a superbadass threat and people will cheer him up again. The end! I don’t exoect anything else. What do you think?

I think nick fury and happy will bring the best lawyer there is – matt murdock into picture hence beginning a new arc for mcu and we all know how brilliant matt murdock is with his skills, so they will figure out a way for that and definitely spiderman 3 will end with ‘oh fuck’ ????

This is obviously a comedic element included in the MCU. The public view him as a threat (this is due to constant harassment from J. Jonas Jameson) so now Marvel will revolve a lot of the storyline on Peter Parker trying to fix his issue of the public thinking that he is a villain.

And Fury is actually Talos!