I personally think that noone can beat MARVEL movies, but I want to see what people think

Firstly there should be not comparison between MCU and DC. Because they both different in there way. Main difference between them is that DC is darker than MCU.
There is no doubt that MCU has no competition, but still DC got more potential, if they also got president like Kevin feige than they will have also brighter future.

What do you mean by that? Should DC be better than Marvel?

It’s subjective. One is entitled to their own opinion.

Most people watch rather than read which is why Marvel has been more successful. DC has actually sold more comics but comics aren’t something everyone reads they’re not narrow casted or anything like that but they don’t reach a big audience like the Cinematic Universe does.

To be honest I think that DC Comic Books are waay batter than Marvels. DC books have some Fantastic Story lines, where as Marvel comics lack originality and have same old stories and endings.
And In movies, ofcourse Marvel Rocks, DC is no where even close to Marvel.
So Yeah, in comics: DC is better than Marvel.
But in Movies Marvel is better than DC. Do you agree?