Just Imagine that after Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness The Avenger and the Justice Leauge meet. In the beginning they Fight but then they realising that both want nothing bad and then there is somwthing evil and too strong for only one Team so they Team up and fight. Wouldnt it be great?


It would be amazing but will get very complicated to understand the whole scenario. It will be difficult to direct this whole movie but if this movie release i will be very excited ????.

That would be so badass. But I am quite loyal to my obsession, I will support AVENGERS FOR EVER. LOL!

As much as everyone hates the DC movies, you have to look at the characters and the elements in DC comics and the animated shows. The Marvel’s MCU had everything planned out from the beginning in Iron man 1. I always thought Marvels movies are better, but DC has the better animated shows. Flashpoint is one of my favorite DC animated movies. The point is, DC has more Gods and alien creatures, Marvel has their fair share of humans and mutants, so I’m leaning towards DC in terms of movies Justice League and MCU original Avengers, since EGs Avengers would outnumber JL.

Such crossover event has taken place twice in comics but was not much successful hence such event is not in the minds of the makers
Something could happen if Disney bought DCEU