Yes cap is stronger than Thor
Cause cap has skill of martial art
While Thor naturally a fighter plus
cap has intelligence

Cap is strong but Thor should be stronger imo since he’s literally a God.

Thor and cap both are nearly immortals cap welding mjolinr got the powers of Thor ,as per Odin who ever wields the mjolnir shall posses the powers of Thor so cap has his own powers and now powera of Thor has been added

Have you even seen THOR’s belly, lol. I think yeaah Captain america is stronger than Thor now.. He has like Mjonire and Shield he cam easily kick anyone’s ass. Where has just become sloppy.

Yes it’s kind of that now cap is powerful than thor. Bcz cap got his will Power, leadership, fighting skills and even now he got the power of thor also…but its too late bcz as we know cap is now old & retired which makes Thor stronger than cap.