As we all know thor 4 is going to be filmed with a “lady thor”. Would you rather bave her or thor alone?

I’m super excited to see her as lady thor. Bcz i want to know where she was from past years & how she will going to became lady thor.

Excited, very excited.
It will be fun to see how her journey as Thor happens. And to see what’s gonna happen to the current fat boy thor.

I’m interested in this take on Thor. Although this is clearly to boost post modern feminism and to attract female audience members, I still think that Lady Thor would be a good character and the bond between Thor and Jane will make the movie pretty funny for sure!

Jane managed to lift Mjolnir, this is going to be a funny scene when Thor finds out!!

As thor is now the in the team of guardians so yes he’ll pass on his legacy.. but dude classic thor as hemsworth is the best version of thor..