Who’s the best superhero?

For me the best Superhero ever would be, hands down, Ironman????❤

Tony obviously.

There is no doubt that Ironman is the bestest among all in MCU and in DC it’s everyone’s beloved The Batman.????✌????

Obviously, this is subjective. One is entitled to their own opinion but I think Batman is probably the best superhero in the DC universe. When he goes against Supes everyone is rooting for Bats. In the MCU I like Deadpool the most, the merc with a mouth is probably one of the greatest superheroes ever made. He is immortal and has a wonderful sense of humor.

I’d root for batman in DC over anything cuz he has such a great character developed through the time and is simply awesome….
Coming to Marvel its hands down Deadpool how can someone not love a badass character who doesn’t give sh*t about nothing and is overloaded with crazyness