Personally, I found the metal series to be a good one. But I think it was not given the ending it deserved. It was hastily ended with plastic man coming out of his egg and the trinity finding the metal.

I wasn’t very fond of the ending but the Dark Knights Metal series has been one of the greatest series’s that I’ve ever read. Scott Snyder is out of this world! But what you have to understand is that this is when New 52’s Batman discovers a multiverse outside the New 52 realm and it’s a take on different Batman’s from different multiverses.

I think Barbatos needed some development. His motives and his ways. His relationship with the Batman who laughs and why did he choose him over other strong ones like Red death. But yeah, overall, it was a great series. I really liked the artwork and the panels. Also the backstories of the different batmans were amazing.

Yh I do think so. Overall I didn’t really like them but they were ok. I don’t thimk the Cgi was really good compared to marvel movies….

heyMARVELfans, this is a comic book man, not a movie, why does CGI come into the picture? xD