I think it is because Holland is able to harness the same energy when it comes to being Peter as well as Spiderman. When I see his version of Peter being Spiderman it is still recognizably Peter. Neither maguire nor Garfield were quite able to capture both sides of the webhead. They played Peter or Spiderman but never did it feel like they were playing Peter as Spiderman or Spiderman as Peter. They lacked cohesion with the two sides of the character.
He is accurate peter and Spidey as we wanted.

Yes but Peter acts exactly the same in costume for the most part ???? he’s still the funny chatterbox we know


I think Tom Holland does a fantastic job portraying the comic book Spider-Man.

@Mystery020 yes you are right but it’s because Tom’s Peter has been a somewhat humorous character(untill endgame and far from home) but garfield and Maguire were serious peters so tom looks more convincing as spiderman