I can see my self getting addicted to this website, lol. Seriously, I love this website and Comicnity’s Instagram page. I don’t know if the admin of Comicnity is reading this, but buddy we love your website and page, thanks a lot 🙂

Yep. I can totally relate. And btw I think the admin Will be reading it. That is, if he/she hasn’t already

Yes you are right bro. This site is too much addictive as well as insta post too. We get this platform to discuss a particular topic with some who knows about it which generally not happen in real life.

It’s great! I can’t imagine why only a bit of ppl joined they should be a lot

Yess but little bit confused

Many of my fiends or family memebers doesn’t watch the superhero movies or read comics bit I am mad for them when I got to know about this website from the comicnity Instagram page I imideately creayed a account for me it feels so good to talk or get interact with someone who has same interest as we do