Do you agree that hulks power is wasted in end game? They didn’t show us re-fight between hulk & thanos.

Not necessarily wasted. Even a rematch would not have made much of a difference. As, by any chance if they showed hulk as having the upper hand in the fight. It would indirectly show that hulk is stronger than the Trinity, as Thanos was able to tackle the Trinity on his own.
On the other hand, showing him loosing again would not serve any purpose other than anger the fans even more.

I was disagree as far as being wasted because based on the comic infinity gaunlet where thanos is fighting all of earths heros, he completely destroys them easily including the hulk. I dont hink it would have been much of a fight and therefore happy the way they used him.

I would agree to that because hulk with complete Intelligence of bruce banner was able to conquer the whole universe (as in Maestro vol 1) so he could have been able to give thanos a fight and even defeat him

If even a rematch occurs between the hulk and thanos ,thanos would be definitely won as he alone could tackle down the most powerful and important avengers trinity sooo we can’t say as wasted

It is not necessary . Because if it happens also the thanos will win . As the have shown in infinity war.