Why did captain america gave his shield to falcon in avengers endgame?

At the end of Endgame, Cap was very old and had to move on from his position as the Leader of the Avengers. Now he had two choices, one being Bucky and the other being Sam.
IMO, he chose Sam because Bucky is not meant to be a leader, he is a soldier, a man who can follow the command, and not issue it.
While Sam, just like Steve has the ability to think quickly on his feet in middle of the war and make decisions.

I think its the right move, falcon has a mentality very similar to rogers, in terms of soldier like and leadership, in civil war falcon says that to win some of them has to lose, that kind of decision makes me think he is the right choice, I f$%#ing love bucky but he es a broken man(mentally) he’s tired of fighting and also its important to say that bucky can be corrupted in any moment and be an enemy again, you just need to reestrain him long enough to say some words and its on.

Cap trust Sam since the the winter soldier even that Bucky couldn’t not trust himself thought Bucky might got again brainwashed so Sam is the perfect guy cap can trust

Well I think he just got too old to use it. And just when he was about to die he might have though that he should give his shield to his successor ie. Falcon! Now we just have to see how Falcon uses the shield. I am quite excited though.

He is old and need somone who is gonna lead them. And who is better than Falcon?