As Thanos is not worthy

Only the worthy can lift the hammer as Thor and cap both can lift it as they are worthy

Also in endgame Thanos holds the hand of cap who was holding the hammer not the hammer. This also shows that he can’t lift it

Thanos wanted to destroy the old universe and create a new one.
By doing this he would provide relief to people who are suffering and also give life to a new universe.
This makes him worthy.
Also he was able to control stormbreaker in endgame

He is definitely not worthy, he has no moral values that are righteous.

Definitely thanos is not at all worthy he can be worthy at a point of view as he wanted to make the people live happily with high resources but thanos has no emotions he could kill the most loved person so in my point of view he is not at all worthy

He is not worthy of holding mjolnir. he is a villain. All these people saying that thanos wants to help the world are wrong as in the comics this is not the reason. he kills half the universe to please death but this could not be done in the movies as it would mean that they would have to create the character Death and also death likes deadpool so he would have to be included. Also in the animated series he couldn’t lift mjolnir so he said that if he cant hit Thor with the hammer then he would hit the hammer with Thor.