Yes she can beat Thanos without his gauntlet

With the infinity gauntlet it is difficult for her to beat Thanos or she may not beat Thanos

Captain Marvel is much stronger than Thanos even with the infinity gauntlet she can give him a fight.
But Thanos is much smarter than her and using his mind he can easily defeat her.

Yes captain marvel is much stronger than the thanos without the infinity gauntlet as she observed her powers from the tesseracts which is a infinity stone. But thanos with infinity stones she can give a good fight but can’t defeat him alone

Captain marvel is extremely powerful and could probably defeat thanos but thanos is also powerful and has fought in many wars and would have a lot of experience. Also, if thanos could defeat a god like Thor when thor had both mjolnir and stormbreaker then he could probably defeat cap marvel. If he has the gauntlet then he would win as it would be to hard to stop him with it on.