I love badman but Black panther will win for sure, he has freaking vibranium ????

Black Panther gonna win for sure

sure black panther got vibranium, energy blast shit, and so on… but Batman has been known to study his opponent, he is always ready, prepared; and what everyone knows, Everybody has a weakness, even metahumans or individuals with superhuman abilities, thats what gives Batman an edge over black panther… he’s a genius.
besides… maybe, it doesn’t really have for batman to destroy black panther’s suit or hit him hard enough to knock him down (which is impossible), maybe batman Should focus on the inside of black panther suit, break his bones without the need to destroy the suit, hit him hard on his nerves or muscles weak point to paralyze his muscles, batman is known for that…
so yeah
batman wins

Mystery 020, that actually depends. If it’s a spontaneous fight, Black Panther wins hands down cause of technological advancements. If there was prep time, Batman’s the winner.

Batman is much superior to BP in intelligence,strategies,fighting,gadgets,and stealth
Moreover he has created all his weapons with highly concentrated metal which could match Vibranium