Only marval….

Seriously both. If you look at the relationship between each DC character through comics or just the animated tv shows such as JLU or the dc animated movies, you will really understand that their characters are very complex. Their views aren’t too simple they have differences as do Marvel characters but DC characters, there’s something sabout their relationships that satisfy me like Wonder Woman trying to get with Bruce while he is against the dating rule because it could be turned into a weakness. Superman asked Batman if he could be his baby’s Godfather which is just XD!!! You have to watch dc animated tv shows like Teen Titans (original version) and Young Justice to understand that DC is a force to be reckoned with.

Both DC and marvel have extremely good characters marvel has proved its upper hand by MCU and realesing new prequels and sequels but DC is not that fast even though now DC has regained its importance from the past 3-4 movies very soon there will be a tough competition to marvel

i am generally more of a marvel fan