Peter Parker Lizard: Everything You Should Know About Him

Peter Parker Lizard is a character in the Edge of the Spiderverse Series. Before he got his powers, he was a friend and schoolmate to Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. He is also one of the reasons why Gwen Stacy became a superhero.

Many people do not know much about Peter Parker Lizard. Some might even confuse him for the popular Spiderman comic villain, the Lizard. 

If you want to know more about Peter Parker Lizard, this post will tell you everything you need to know about this character.


Publication History

Peter Parker Lizard was created by Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez. He made his first appearance in the Edge of Spiderverse #2 (published in September 2014) and also died off in the same edition. 


In Earth – 65, Peter Parker Lizard’s real name was Peter Benjamin Parker. He was the son of Richard and Mary Parker. However, he lost his parents in a car crash.

After the accident, he moved in with his relatives, Ben and Mary Parker. Also, Peter Parker Lizard grew up in Forest Hill, Queens in New York City. Here, he became friends with Gwen Stacy. Moreover, he and his friend schooled at Midtown High. 

Before getting his powers, Peter Parker Lizard was a nerd and target for bullies. Most times, Gwen Stacy defended him against attacks. As expected, the attacks made him dislike many of his peers. 

After Gwen Stacy appeared as Spiderwoman, Peter Parker admired and wanted to be like her. When the bullies discovered his ambitions, they increased their taunts and ill-treatment towards Peter Parker Lizard.

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After getting his hands on a serum, he decided to inject himself as he planned to revenge against the bullies. He also took this decision because he was tired of Gwen Stacy standing up for him. Sadly, the experiment turned him into a giant, mutant lizard.

Because of the side effects of the serum, Peter Parker Lizard went into a blind rage and attacked his school. Then, Gwen Stacy (as Spiderwoman) appeared and fought against him. But she didn’t know that the Peter Parker Lizard was her friend that turned into the lizard. Sadly, the battle ended with the death of Peter Parker Lizard. 

When the lizard turned into a human, she was shocked that it was her friend.  This event would help her decide to become a superhero. Also, this leads to a call for her arrest by James Jameson and her father.

Super Powers

Peter Parker Lizard has the same powers as Curtis Connors (the Lizard in Earth 616). When Peter transforms into the Lizard, he has the following superpowers or ability.

Superhuman Speed

Peter Parker Lizard can travel at an incredible speed of 45 miles per hour. 

Regenerative Healing

Peter Parker Lizard (in Lizard form) can also heal damaged areas of his body. The process is fast and does not require any serum or drugs. 

Superhuman Strength

He can easily lift heavy objects and jump at long distances. 

Superhuman Stamina

Peter’s Stamina is enhanced to incredible levels. As the Lizard, he does not get tired quickly. This power can be linked to low levels of fatigue toxins in his body.  

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Superhuman Durability

Unlike a regular human, Peter has tough, scaly reptilian skin. With this surface, he can endure massive impact without getting hurt. 


Peter also possesses the power of telepathy. But he can only communicate with other reptiles. 

Prehensile Tail

This part of the Lizard’s anatomy is also a primary weapon of the reptile. With his tail, he can destroy concrete and other tough materials. If damaged or cut off, the tail can heal itself quickly.


His powerful claws are sharp and rip most items into shreds. The claws are located on his fingers and toes. 

Improved Reflexes

As the Lizard, Peter has better reflexes than any human.

Superhuman Agility

Although he doesn’t have any athletic training, Peter Parker Lizard performs better than any human gymnast. 


Fangs are also part of the Lizard’s Deadly arsenal. Since they are hooked to powerful jaws, they can cause immense damage especially during close combat.


He loses his strength and agility in cold weather.