The Original 7 Justice League Members

The Justice League is one of the most well-known superhero teams in comic book history. Since its launch in 1960, the Justice League has offered an incredible selection of members.

But as the years passed, DC has added or removed different characters from the Justice League roster. Owing to this, it is normal to find the Justice League team with varying numbers of members.

Before the League had many characters, it started with 7 original members. Although this team was smaller, it had many adventures and completed tough missions.

Would you like to know more about the original Justice League members? If yes, you can go through our list and learn more about these amazing heroes.


Original 7 Justice League Members

Here is a list of the original members of the Justice League. However, this list is not based on a ranking of their skills, abilities, or powers.

1. Superman


Even if you are not a DC Comic fan, you might have heard of this amazing character. Famous for his incredible strength, Superman stands as one of the most iconic heroes of all time. Besides, he is one of the original members of the Justice League.

Almost everyone knows about Superman’s origin. His story begins after his parents sent him to earth from Krypton. After escaping the destruction of his home planet, he landed on a Kansas farm but was rescued by a kind-hearted couple.

Since his new parents did not know his name, they decided to call him Clark Kent. As he became older, he discovered his increasing powers and their connection to Earth’s sun. Soon, he moved to Metropolis where he worked as a reporter and became the protector of the city. Furthermore, Superman was the character that brought up the idea of forming a superhero team.

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2. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Also known as Diana Prince, Wonder Woman stands as one of the top members of the Justice League. Besides, she is also one of the longest published DC Comic heroes. On top of that, she boasts of a wide range of god-like abilities.

Wonder Woman is a warrior princess from the Amazon Island of Themyscira. When she became an adult, she became a diplomat to Man’s world. But as Earth was attacked by the Imperium, she donned her costume and defended the earth against the invaders.

After defeating the Imperium, Diana became a member of the Justice League alongside other original superheroes.

3. Batman


Although he does not have any special powers, Batman is one of the most respected members of the Justice League. Also, he is an original member and funds its activities from time to time.

Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne is the son of wealthy parents. But after the murder of his parents, he trained until he became a top detective with a host of amazing skills. Later, he donned a bat costume and became one of the best DC superheroes.

After the Imperium invasion, Batman was among the founding members of the League. He is also the strategist that handles the planning of most of their missions.

4. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter a.k.a. J’onn J’onzz is another alien on the Justice League roster. Furthermore, he is one of the strongest Justice League and DC comic characters.

In 1955, an experiment went wrong and teleported the alien from Mars to Earth. When he got to Earth, the owner died from shock thereby leaving J’onzz stranded.

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As he couldn’t go back to his world, he decided to use his powers to serve mankind. He was also one of the heroes that fought off the Imperium invasion. After defeating the invaders, J’onzz became an original member of the Justice  League.

As mentioned earlier, the Martian Manhunter comes with some of the greatest abilities on the Justice League members list. For instance, this hero has superhuman strength, stamina, speed, and durability. He is also a shapeshifter, telepath, and genius-level intellect amongst other things.

5. Green Lantern

Green Lantern

As a child, John Stewart spent most of his time reading Justice Guild comics. As an adult, he joined the US Marine Corps where he became friends with Rex Mason, a future Justice League member.

After his time in the military, John Stewart was selected to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. After receiving training at the homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps, John Stewart went on to become one of the greatest Green Lanterns. Like most original justice league members, he fought against the Imperium.

His abilities include flight, energy projection, and the creation of a force field. Also, John Stewart is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and firearms.

6. The Flash

The Flash

The Flash has one of the most interesting origin stories. Born as Barry Allen, he lost his mother in a home invasion. However, his father was blamed for the crime and taken to prison.

Barry didn’t see his father as the killer. For this reason, he decided to prove his innocence by using forensic science to solve his mother’s murder. During one of his shifts, he had an accident that turned into the Flash.

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As a superhero, he possesses superhuman speed amongst other abilities. He used these powers to defend his hometown and other parts of the world. Thanks to his exploits, he was also made a founding member of the League.

7. Aquaman


Also known as the King of the Atlantis, Aquaman is another top character on the Justice League member list. Furthermore, he is one of the original seven members of the team.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) is the son of a lightkeeper and Atlantean princess. After his mother’s death, his father trained him until he had total control of his powers.

As he became older, Arthur Curry returned to Atlantis to find his destiny. During his stay, he became the King of Atlantis and ruled the Seven seas. Moreover, he protected the underwater world against its enemies.

Although he has issues with man’s treatment of aquatic life, he fights alongside Earth’s heroes. Besides, he became a member of the Justice League.

When it comes to powers, Arthur Curry has some of the most unique abilities. Apart from having super strength, he can live underwater, control sea animals and withstand tough conditions.