As we know that nova corp is completely destroyed by thanos in IW.
Now the question is when they will introduce Nova in MCU as he is the last one left in nova corp.
(As per comic book & now even in MCU also)

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  1. Following a creative retreat in San Francisco which pulled many of the Marvel Studios minds together last week, MCU Cosmic is noting that “reliable sources” are indicating that Richard Rider, the Man Called Nova, is on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could arrive as early as 2022

  2. We can’t expect . Any thing can happen .

  3. I think Nova can be introduced in GOTG3 or in the Inhuman seried

  4. Maybe we could get a series or something bit a solo movie for them we can’t expect

  5. Though Nova does not (yet?) have a solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he possibly already exists via the (now decimated) Nova Corps, which were introduced in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

    According to

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