10 Most Powerful My Hero Academia Villains

Like every great anime, My Hero Academia boasts of an interesting selection of characters. As expected, this cast consists of a wide selection of villains.

In this series, the villains come with various powers and abilities. For this reason, you will find both weak and strong villains.

Now the question comes – who are the most powerful villains of the My Academia franchise? If you are curious about the answer, you can check our list of MHA villains.


Powerful My Heroes Academia Villians

Below are some of the strongest My Hero Academia characters. However, this list is not based on a ranking of their powers or abilities.

1. All For One

All For One is one of the top characters of the series. After all, he boasts of an incredible selection of Quirks or abilities. Looking at his list of abilities, he can almost do anything.

This MHA Villian can fly, steal powers, move fast, and even grant powers to other characters. On top of that, he enjoys super speed, super strength with other powerful abilities.

Since he can steal powers, he stands as one of the most unbeatable My Hero Academia characters.

2. Nine

Although he hasn’t revealed his entire Quirks, Nine stands as another powerful MHA villain. Like All for One, Nine can also steal Quirks from other characters. But we are not sure of the total number of these powers.

So far, Nine has abilities that put him on the same level as top MHA villains. For instance, he can manipulate radiation without any hassles. Overall, Nine has stood as a tough opponent to any character.

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3. Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki can disassemble and assemble any material. Besides, the villain can also heal or destroy other characters with the same powers. Before he can use his powers, Kai will have to touch his target.

Coupled with his psychotic nature, Kai Chisaki’s powers make him a dangerous opponent. Overall, he is one of the strongest characters of the MHA series.

4. Shigaraki Tomura

In the beginning, Shiagraki could cause decay in various items. But after a fight with Redestro, the villain could increase the effects of his powers. In the end, he caused immense damage to a city with relative ease.

There is a high chance that  Shigaki might gain more abilities due to a successful operation. Let’s wait and see what the remaining part of the series has to offer.

5. Stain

This delusional hero-killer has almost everything needed to defeat any rival. These abilities include excellent swordsmanship, super speed, reflexes, and strength. Besides, Stain induces an unhealthy amount of fear in his rivals.

Using his skills, this villain murdered tons of heroes. Also, he almost defeated top characters such as Ingenium.

6. Gigantomachia

Known for his massive build and tree-like appearance, Gigantomachia stands as another strong character of the MHA franchise. His abilities include immense strength, durability, and enhanced senses. Even with his large size, Gigantomachia moves faster than most characters.

As All for One’s bodyguard, Gigantomachia underwent surgery to improve his abilities. With this in mind, the character might even be among the top five villains on this list.

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7. Himiko Toga

Himiko can shapeshift into any character. For this reason, she proved to be an important part of the League of Villains. Moreover, she has decent fighting skills.

8. Redestro

To become stronger, Redestro requires a large amount of stress. In other words, if his frustration converts into raw energy.

When he has deeply stressed, Redestro can cause an immense amount of damage. Thanks to this strength, he could destroy a city and almost beat another powerful villain.

9. Kurogiri

Kurogiri is a member of the League of Villians. Although he is soft-spoken, his ability is quite important to his team.

The villain can create portals with dark fogs. With these fogs, he can transport anything to different locations. Also, he can provide multiple exit points for his targets.

10. Wolfram

His natural ability to control metal makes him another formidable enemy. But as Wolfram has enhanced his abilities, he can stand against powerful names like All Might.

Apart from metal manipulation, Wolfram enhances his strength while increasing his muscle mass. On most occasions, he also moves around with a loaded handgun.