Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe


The character Spider-Man has his universe. This Universe is called the Spider-Verse. In this universe, each planet has its own Spider-Man or woman or thing. Some of these Spider-Man or Spider-Women are known as Spider-Gwen, Spider-Noir, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Man. Some of them are from the past, present, and future. The most known one is Spider-Man of course which was created by Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber), Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko. The Spider-Man video game is from a different universe.

Video Game

Spiderman game ps4

The Spider-Man video is in a different universe, that universe is located on Earth-1048. In one comic book titled Spider-Geddon #0, a Spider-Man named Superior Spider-Man comes up to Earth-1048 Spider-Man and him that he is needed. That is when Earth-1048 Spider-Man finds out that there are multiple Spider-Men. In the video game, both Spider-Man is wearing the same outfit/suit as a similar character from the comics. There is only one Spider-Man that wears the suit that looks like that. One reason that I know that these two are the same Spider-Man is that in his universe there exists another Spider-Man named, Miles Morales. Also, in their universe, Peter Parker’s guardian, Aunt May, dies from a disease called Devils Breath. Devils Breath was meant to be a cure for all diseases. Also, it could also be used as a disease if it was inhaled. Lastly, another reason I know this is Earth-1048 is the way he shoots his webs. In the regular universe, the webs come from him. They are called organic web shooters. He got them from when he got bitten by a radioactive spider. In this universe, he shoots the webs from a mechanical web shooter. He makes these and shoot somewhat real webs.

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In conclusion, this proves that the video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man, is from a different universe than the original Spider-Man. The reasons to justify this are his web shooters, the number of Spider-Man in his universe people who’ve died, and lastly, the look of his suit.