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As we know that Kevin feige wants to bring keanu reeves into mcu.
So which character he should portray!?

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  1. We don’t know yet but definitely not Wolverine guys because the idea of that role is revolving around the idea of Taron Egerton playing Wolverine.

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  2. He could be a great successor of Huge jackman and go with Wolverine. I seriously think Keanu Reeves would play a great Wolverine…

  3. I think most probably they would cast him as silver surfer or wolverine.

  4. As of a character then it could me silver surfer

  5. I think so he can fit for the character because he do good and best

  6. I don’t know of a particular character whom he could portray but Eternals would be a great platform to introduce him

  7. Most probably he can became wolverine he just a fits for the character so muchhhh

  8. No idea which particular character he would play if he does join MCU.
    But whoever that character is, would be a master of meele/hand to hand fights as Keanu has proved that it’s like his FORT.

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