Its being rumoured that may apple will buy sony.. what are your views on this? Who did this better?Tobey or tom

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Roshankarn 1 year 9 Answers 390 views SHIELD AGENT 7

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  1. I thin kthat no matter what anyone says, tom is the best. Tobey was ok as spiderman but he wasn’t the best

  2. If apple buy sony, marvel get its rights back which is a great news for marvel fans.
    Though tobey is iconic as spidey but
    I think tom is best as spidey. He is so similar that it feels that is peter parker himself.

  3. Unlikely and Toby is a decent Spider-Man but Tom is the living embodiment of Peter Parker, he acts exactly how you would imagine Spider-Man acting.

  4. I don’t think so

  5. Apple is approaching but Sony is not transfering.

  6. As per me there are very less chances of apple buying Sony and according to me more than Tobey tom Holland suits the spiderman character a lot

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