Is the cancellation of the deal between Disney and Sony regarding Spiderman a bad fortune for the actor Tom Holland?


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Ayush Panchal 1 year 7 Answers 440 views New Recruit 2

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  1. They can get new Spiderman

  2. Nope,it not effect any thing to his career

  3. They have come to a deal in which one more spiderman movie will release under Marvel’s banner

  4. A single movie or even a character does not decide the fate of an actor.
    Tom has proved himself and will do his best anywhere and fans would love to see it.

  5. Don’t think any thing is going to affect his career… But there is possible changes of Spider-Man coming back to Disney if apple buys sony.

  6. Not really…Tom Holland has established his status in the acting industry quite well.
    Losing Spider wont effect his career much if he chooses his scripts property..

  7. Tom Holland is best choice for being portraying Spiderman. It doesn’t matter where he goes. It matters on who will make the story line of Spiderman better, sony or Disney. He will definitely give his best & fans will enjoy him too much .

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