7 Interesting Facts About the League of Assassins

As a comic fan, you must have heard of the League of Assassins. Yes, that shadowy group of killers led by Ra’s al Ghul. Besides, they are enemies of Batman and the Green Arrow.


The Facts

Although the League of Shadows hides from the world, it has some facts that will interest you. Now here are some of the top facts about the League of Assassins that caused havoc in the DC Universe.

1. It Has Changed Its Name Many Times

During the making of a Batman Movie, Christopher Nolan  (the director of Batman Begins) switched the name from “League of Assassins” to “League of Shadows”. According to the film director, he claimed that the new name sounded more mysterious than the previous one.

However, a 2016 relaunch of the DC Universe announced that the “League of Shadows” was different from the “League of Assasins”. The company claimed that the former was a secret network with plans to destroy the country.

In another Batman TV shows, the group is known as the “Society of Assassins” 

2. Deathstroke Wanted to Have His League of Assassins Group

In the Judas Contract, Deathstroke had plans to set up his League of Assassins. He planned to use his payment from Brother Blood to fulfill his ambition. But his plans were put on hold as he was defeated by the Teen Titans. 

3. The Leader Knows Batman’s Real Identity 

Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assasins. He is also one of the few characters to know that Batman is Bruce Wayne

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Out of respect for the Dark Knight, Ra’s al Ghul has hidden this secret. Besides in Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, he planned to assassinate a journalist for trying to expose Batman’s real name.

4. Bruce Wayne Trained with the League of Assassins 

Before becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne received training from the League of Shadows. He joined the group after Ra’s al Ghul recruited him from prison. After discovering the evil plans of the League, Bruce left them and destroyed their compound. 

5. The League of Assasins Had Metahuman Members

Most League of Assassin members do not have special powers. As time passed, the group had a faction of members with superhuman abilities. Besides, this group of metahumans was ordered to kidnap Connor Hawke (Green Arrow’s son) by Shado.

The superpower team included Bear (a Mexican bigfoot ), Mazone (a samurai with a beard), Ruck (a gunman with four arms) Spike (creates and fights with energy blades), Targa (a midget with telekinetic powers), and Tolliver (a vampire). But the group broke up after they discovered that they were not part of the real League of Assassins. Moreover, their missions were part of a scam planned by Shado (an ex-lover of the Green Arrow). 

6. Bane Almost Led the League of Assassins

When Bane joined the League of Assassins, he impressed Ra’s al Ghul. He also felt that Bane could lead the League after his (Ra’s) death. For this reason, Ra’s decided that the supervillain should become his heir and marry his daughter. However, Talia did approve of her engagement to Bane.

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The relationship ended after Bane lost to Batman. Besides, Ra’s al Ghul was disappointed by the defeat and decided to dump Bane.

7. The League of Assassins Had Weird Punishments

In the Arrowverse, the League of Assassins members took revenge and punishments seriously. If a league member was attacked and killed, the League would kill 50 people until the murderer was found.

When caught, the killer would either be executed or made to face Ra’s in deadly combat.