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  1. By tricking and deceiving avengers – uing the reality stone and maybe time too.

  2. Yeah many different possibilities could’ve led to different outcomes.

  3. One As he can make Avengers believe that the they won in end game but in reality they are defeated.

  4. Explain from the start please

  5. Ceasing fire will definitely not kill the Avengers. They have dealt with guns for a while now. They never seemed to be a problem.

  6. There were 14 million possibilities so can can also make one of your mind like he time travel back in time & kill tony in 2012 himself in new York war.

  7. We can’t state that it can have many possibilities

  8. We cannot specify one there maybe different possibilities and different outcomes

  9. In and alternate timeline tony doesnot help avengers

  10. The moat possible way is that tony could not snatch his stone and he killed everyone

  11. In alternate realities thanos cease fire so early that avengers get killed

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