How to start reading comics for someone new to this community?


I wanna start reading comic books but i don’t know how and where to start. Any help and recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. If you plan to read all the comics of Marvel then it will take you Decades to come half way. I would recommend you to go for any series that you like. There are tons of series, you find thhem on google. You can ever refer this guide if you want:

  2. There tons of comicbook in marvel only.
    Bit best of them for me are like:
    • secret war
    • civil war
    • Avengers vs X-Men
    • The infinity gauntlet

  3. I havent read comics but i have read manga. It may not be the same but honestly just find the order of the issues ur looking for. Like if u wanted to read a bunch of spiderman you would look up all the spiderman comics in order and read it.

  4. Comic published
    .1) DC Comics

    c.2) Marvel

    c.3) Star Wars

    c.4) Image

    c.5) Vertigo

    c.6) Dark Horse

    c.7) Valiant

    c.8) IDW

    c.9) 2000 AD (Judge Dredd)

    c.10) Archie Comics

  5. First you should favourite super heros comic books

  6. You should start with latest edition of your favorite characters and your interests would increase from there on

  7. But I dont think I’ll bother as u can find everything on Google….

  8. I haven’t read them too

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