10 Great Facts About Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka Morrow

When it comes to weird characters, anime and manga offer some of the craziest people around. One of these characters is Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka Morrow.

Hisoka Morrow is a recognized Hunter with incredible fighting skills. Apart from having psychopathic tendencies, he enjoys fighting powerful enemies, playing cruel jokes, and wearing androgynous clothes. At first glance, you might even mistake him for a clown.

But there is more to this character than wearing makeup and committing violent acts. If you want to learn more about this interesting character, this article will offer more facts about Hisoka Morrow.


Facts About Hisoka Morrow

Are you ready to know more about Morrow? Well here are some interesting things about this Hunter X Hunter character.

1. He Changes His Clothes

In many seasons, most anime/manga characters often have the same appearance. After all, they do not change clothes or hairstyles. However, Hisoka takes his appearance rather seriously.

He rarely relies on the same look. For instance, he changes his clothes and lets his hair down. On another occasion, he might sport a ring and wear a different color of makeup. For these reasons, you might describe him as one of the most fashionable characters of the franchise.

2. He is a Gemini

Although little is known about his origins, we have a pretty accurate idea of his star sign. Hisako was born on the 6th day of June. With this in mind, Hisako is one of the Gemini characters of the Hunter x Hunter series.

As for Hisoka’s age, he is around 28 years old. Compared to the likes of Biscuit Kreuger and Isaac Netero, he stands as one of the youngest characters of the franchise.

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3. He Names His Techniques After His Favourite Candy

Hisoka doesn’t only love bloodlust. He also has an obsessive interest in different types of candy. After all, he named his Nen abilities after bubble gum and another sweet.

But Hisoka’s love for sugary stuff did not start overnight. As a child, he claimed that he chewed gum for hours because his parents could not always afford such items.  Since Hisako is a compulsive liar, we are not sure if he is telling the truth.

4. He Came Back from the Dead

After losing a death match to Chrollo, Hisoka died from his injuries. However, he was able to come back to life by covering his organs in Bungee gum. After a short while, he decided to look for the Phantom Troupe and avenge his death. 

There are many theories about this event. Some fans claim that his strength (not gum), brought him back from the dead. Another theory points out that since he died from suffocation, it would be easy for him to regain consciousness.

5. His Bungee Gum is His Best Tool

There are many things that Hiskao can achieve with Bungee Gum. First, he can use the gum to trap opponents and perform attacks. He can also use this item to defend himself against different weapons.

Apart from aiding combat, Bungee gum has healing properties. If applied to open wounds, the sticky substance can stop blood loss and repair any damage. In the Heaven Arena arc, Hisako used the Bungee Gum to resurrect himself from the dead.

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6. Hisoka, Pariston  Hill, and Ryu Share the Same Voice Actor

Have you ever wondered if there was a connection between the Street Fighter’s Ryu, Pariston Hill, and Hisoka hxh? Well, both characters were voiced by the same actor – Hiroki Takashi.

In 1999, Hiroki Taashi offered the voice for Hisoka. Some years later, he became the voice actor for Hunter x Hunter’s Pariston Hill. Over the years, he has also played the role of Ryu in the Street Fighter series.

Hiro Takashi isn’t new to the anime world. You can find his work on shows like Pokemon, Beyblade, and Transformers.

7. He is a Pervert

Is Hisoka a perv? The answer is simply yes. Apart from having a great sense of humor, Hisoka is also a pervert. If you follow the Hunter x Hunter series, you will find several reasons why he stands as one of the most despicable members of the series.

First, he makes children uncomfortable by staring at their bodies. On top of that, he has even slipped his hands into people’s clothing without their consent. In the manga, he also asked a minor on a date.

Such acts depict Hisoka as a dangerous character. But some fans argue that Hisoka is only acting in this manner without any serious intentions.

8. He is One of the Strongest Characters

Even if he is dressed like a court jester, Hisoka possesses immense strength. When he was part of the Phantom Troupe, Hisoka was ranked third in the group.

But it doesn’t just end in physical strength. Hisoka Morrow is also one of the toughest characters in the series. On many occasions, he has resisted pain without showing any reaction. In one episode, he could still move around with his hands cut off.

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9. He Also Has Several Weak Points

Like most characters, Hisoka has his weaknesses. Since he acts like a simp, any skilled fighter can defeat him. He is also cocky, unstable and does not consider his safety on the battlefield. Besides, his Nen abilities can drain his aura and kill him.

10. His Exam Number is Symbolic

Hisoka Morrow’s exam number is 44. In Japanese culture, the number “4” represents death because it is pronounced like the latter. For this reason, you cannot find Room No 4 in many Japanese buildings.

Other Random Facts about Hisoka Morrow

Here are some other facts that might interest you about Hisoka Morrow.

  1. He is considered to be French
  2. In the 1999 version, Hisoka Morrow had blue hair and blue eyes.
  3. He is a Floor Master at Heaven Arena. Floor Masters are the highest-ranked competitors in the arena.
  4. He was the Fourth Member of the Phantom Troupe
  5. His creator might have drawn inspiration from the DC comics’ the Joker or Final Fantasy’s Kefka Palazzo.
  6. His name is also spelled as Hyskoa Morroh.