Top 10 Green Superheroes or With Green Costumes

In the world of superheroes, costumes play important roles in their careers. When it comes down to it, these outfits help conceal their identities while allowing people to recognize them.

There are different colors used on these outfits and in this article, we will list superheroes with green outfits or green skins. On the list, you will find several characters from different universes.

Here are some of the top superheroes with green costumes or skins.


1. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

Green Arrow

Oliver McQueen started life as a wealthy businessman in Star City. After some time, he donned a Robin Hood-inspired outfit to combat crime in his hometown and various places.

This superhero does not depend on special powers. Instead, he uses archery, martial arts, and high-tech bow and arrows to fulfill his missions. Due to his success, he attracted the attention of the Justice League.

As the Green Arrow name implies, every inch of his costume is covered in green. Even his bow and arrows have the same color as his outfits. Overall, this character is one of the top superheroes with green costumes.

2. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is one of the green superheroes from the DC Universe. Because of his ring, his crime-fighting outfit has a striking green color. Looking at this feature, he deserves a place on our list of superheroes with green costumes.

However, this character is not a “standalone” superhero. After all, he is part of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns.  As they use the same rings, these characters use the same green outfit as Hal Jordan.

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3. Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Incredible Hulk

Known for his superhuman strength and intense anger, the Hulk is one of the green superheroes from Marvel. Unlike the earlier mentioned characters, he doesn’t wear any green costume. Rather, his skin turns green because of the radiation that offers him powers.

Because of his abilities, the Hulk is one of the top-tier superheroes. Over his career, he has fought and defeated tough foes such as Abomination, Doc Samson, She-Hulk, and the entire Avengers team. 

4. She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)


After receiving blood from Bruce Banner, Jennifer became the female Hulk. Although she has the same green color as the original  Hulk, this character does not possess similar rage.

Apart from changing her skin color, the donated blood offered superhuman strength, durability, and endurance. Also, she can quickly repair damaged parts of her body.

5. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

If you are looking for more green superheroes, think about the Martian Manhunter. Although he wears a blue cape, he has pure green skin.

The Martian is an alien superhero that came to Earth via a lab experiment. As the scientist died from shock, J’onn J’onzz couldn’t return to his planet.

After fighting alongside heroes against alien invaders, J’onzz joined the Justice League. As time passed, he became a valuable member of the team. By using his powers of telepathy and shapeshifting, he has helped the League complete many missions.

6. Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski)


Kick-Ass a.k.a. Dave Lizewski is a young boy turned superhero. This Image Comics character wears a green costume to fight crime. But without superpowers, he might stand as one of the weakest superheroes with green costumes on our list.

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So how does this green superhero save the day? He has decent hand-to-hand fighting skills and resistance to pain. But he is well known for handing baton sticks perfectly.

7. Gamora


Why is Gamora on this list? Well, aside from having green skin, she became a superhero especially after joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But Gamora wasn’t always on the side of justice and truth. After escaping a massacre on her home planet, Thanos rescued her and trained her to become a dangerous assassin. She decided to leave the tyrant after discovering his plans to destroy the universe.

Gamora is known as one of the top martial artists in the universe. During the battle, she uses various weapons such as a dagger and a sword.

8. Green Hornet (Brit Reid)

Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is one of the oldest superheroes with green costumes. Since his first appearance in 1936, this character has worn a green overcoat, mask, and fedora. He even completes his look with green-colored gloves.

During the day, the Green Hornet is Brit Reid, a wealthy newspaper publisher. But at night, he dons his outfit and fights crime alongside his partner, Kato.

With his skills in martial arts and investigation, he has battled organized crime for many years. Normally, he goes along with his special gun and black car.

9. Green Power Ranger (Tom Oliver)

Green Ranger

Seen as the first Power Ranger, Tom Oliver deserves a place on our list of top green superheroes. Although he puts on the red, black, white, and black costumes, he is best known as the Green Power Ranger.

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Compared to other Rangers, he has legendary skills in martial arts such as kungfu, judo, and wing chun. He also uses special powers to become invisible at will.

But Tom does not only depend on hand-to-hand tactics. Sometimes, he uses his dagger to shoot out beams of green energy and lightning bolts. For battling larger enemies, he has a Dragonzord, a green and golden-colored war machine.

10. Vision


Even though Vision was created by Ultron, he became one of the most loved superheroes of the Marvelverse. After dumping his maker, he joined the Avengers as a regular member.

His costume consists of a green and yellow outfit. However, the former color covers most of his costume.

Vision is also seen as one of the strongest comic characters. His abilities include super speed, strength, density control, and flight. Besides, he can rebuild his tissue especially after getting injured. After receiving combat training from Captain America, he became skilled in hand-to-hand combat. On top of that, he is a master of planning and strategy.