10 Greatest Superheroes with Purple Costumes

In comics, superheroes need costumes for different reasons. For instance, the outfits keep their identities secret while others create fear in criminals. Some costumes even serve as an easy way to identify these heroes.

You can find costumes in every color of the color wheel. So if you are looking for purple costume heroes, you can find tons of these characters across several comic titles.

Here are the top characters with purple outfits. However, this list is not a ranking of their powers or love of purple. 

1. Batgirl

Although she shares similar features with Batman, Batgirl does not always wear an all-black outfit. Instead, she uses a purple costume for her superhero duties.

Before she settled for purple, other versions of the Batgirl have tried several colors. In the Silver Age comics, the superhero worked in a black and yellow outfit with red gloves. But in the Post infinite Crisis era, she used a red and black costume.

2. Hawkeye

Although he does not have superpowers, Hawkeye remains an important member of the Avengers. When it comes down to it, he has an impressive mastery of archery and marksmanship. On top of that, he stands as one of the best acrobats on the team.

When he goes on missions, Hawkeye uses a purple outfit. For a cooler look, the upper part of the outfit has an insignia of the same color. For this reason, Hawkeye appears on our list of superheroes with purple costumes.

An earlier variation of the costume also had purple. But the designer added some blue details to the outfit.

3. The Hulk

When it comes to color, the Hulk stands as one of the most colorful mentions on our list. Apart from having green skin, the superhero wears a pair of purple cut-off trousers. Surprisingly, he has a large supply of this article of clothing.

So why does the Hulk have surplus purple pants? Well, according to writers, Bruce Banner sold off all his clothing but stocked up on purple clothes. He chose these colors because they seemed fashionable.

4. The Phantom

Since 1936, many people have donned the purple outfit of the Phantom. This costume includes purple spandex and dark-colored boots with gloves. Compared to most names on our list, the first Phantom is the earliest character to wear an outfit of this color.

Aside from being one of the first superheroes with purple costumes, the Phantom comes as the first hero to wear skin-tight outfits. Today, many popular superheroes such as Superman, Flash, and Spiderman have followed this trend.

5. Medusa

In Marvel comics, Medusa is a member of the Inhumans. Sometimes, she also joins the Fantastic Four as a replacement for Sue Richards.

During different storylines, her costumes include various shades of purple. Because of this fact, we decided to add her to our list of superheroes with purple costumes.

Medusa can elongate her extra strong hair to lift heavy objects. Besides, she can increase its length or use it as a dangerous whip. Aside from having these powers, she is a master thief.

6. Hunteress

Known for her willingness to kill and ruthlessness, Helena is another superhero that prefers purple costumes. Because of her talents, she was recruited into the Justice League and Birds of Prey.

Helena was born into an Italian crime family. But after the death of her parents, she became a vigilante.

Although she is a superhero, Huntress does not have any special powers. But she has impressive skills in martial arts and marksmanship. Moreover, she has experience in handling various weaponry.

7. Hit-Girl

In the Kickass comics, Hit-Girl is a superhero and daughter of Big Daddy. She uses a purple costume for her missions thereby placing her on the list of purple superheroes.

Unlike most names on our list, Hit-Girl is a child. But her martial skills and experience in weapons handling make her a dangerous foe.

From a young age, Mindy was trained by her vigilante father. During her adventures, she met Kickass and rescued him from a gang attack. Towards the end of the story, both characters avenged the death of Big Daddy.

8. Gambit

Although Gambit wears a brown overcoat, his outfit includes a strikingly purple vest. Also, his pants have purple squares on each side. For this reason, we decided to offer him a spot on our list.

Gambit is a mutant and a member of the X-Men. With a touch, he can charge up items and turn them into explosives. Also, he has great skills in using cards and hand-to-hand combat.

Before he joined the X-Men, He grew up with assassins and thieves. With this in mind, he is one of the cunning members of Xavier’s squad.

9. Drax the Destroyer

Over the years, Drax has appeared in different outfits. One of these costumes includes a cape and a pair of purple pants.

This superhero is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Known for his strength and use of knives, he stands as a vital member of the team. However, his lack of strategy places him in harm’s way.

10. Brainiac 5

Brainiac joined the Legion of Superheroes after leaving his home planet. Although he shares a name with the Kryptonian villain, he is one of the purple superheroes of the DCU.

As a member of his team, the hero uses his genius-level intellect to battle evil. For this reason, he handles the technology and equipment of the Legion. Besides, he can drop his human form and become a battle robot.

Although he is the smartest being of the 31st century, he can be emotional. He even attempts to prove his worth to his teammates. Despite these flaws, he remains a valued member of the Legion of Superheroes.

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