10 Greatest Female Supervillains You Should Know

Before you have a good story, you will need a good supervillain. When it comes down to it, these characters add excitement to the story with their evil plans.

Although there are many female supervillains, some of these characters are stronger than the rest. They also have greater chances of defeating law enforcement or superheroes.

Here are the top female supervillains across different universes. However, this list is not based on any ranking.


1. Hela

In Marvel comics, Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Death. She is also the ruler of two kingdoms, Hel and Niflheim. Furthermore, she is portrayed as a regular foe of Thor.

As a goddess, she rules over the dead in Asgard. However, she has plans to conquer Valhalla and overthrow Odin. Since she is one of the strongest female supervillains, she has made several attempts to reach her goal.

With her powers, Hela has performed some incredible feats. In the Thor movie, she destroyed Mjölnir without breaking a sweat while another storyline shows her wiping out the entire armies on her own.

2. Faora

If Superman had an evil female twin, Faora would be her name. When it comes down to it, this villain came from Krypton and possessed superpowers. On top of that, she was trained in Kryptonian martial arts.

Faora got locked up in the Phantom Zone for murder. However, she escaped with General Zod and committed other crimes.

Like most Kryptonians, Faora becomes powerful especially when exposed to the sun. Her abilities include super speed, strength, durability, and heat vision. Also, she can rebuild damaged parts of her body and heal fast.

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Her blind devotion to General Zod and hatred for men makes her dangerous. Besides, she does not have any form of morality.

When she meets Superman, she puts up a good fight. She even defeated the Man of Steel at their first battle. For this reason, she stands as one of the toughest female supervillains of the DCU.

3. Poison Ivy

Her ability to control plants makes her a worthy foe. But if you add her intense hatred for humans and poisonous touch, she becomes one of the most dangerous female supervillains.

Poison Ivy didn’t always have her powers. She became a supervillain after surviving an assassination attempt from poisoning. Over time, she became a regular foe of the Dark Knight.

4. Emma Frost

Emma Frost was born to wealthy parents. After leaving home, she joined the Hell-Fire club and overthrew its leaders. Then, she announced herself as a cardinal of the group.

As a major member of the Hell-Fire Club, she controls its business interests and finances. Moreover, she heads a school for mutants in Massachusetts.

Apart from having telepathic powers, Emma Frost can cover her body in a tough diamond-like shell. She also has decent skills in hand-to-hand combat. Overall, she stands as one of the toughest villains in the X-men comics.

5. Harley Quinn

Although Harley Quinn has her heroic moments, she was a sidekick of the Joker. During her criminal career, she went against stronger characters. Her list of beaten opponents includes Lobo and Granny Goodness.

Harley does not fight with special powers. Instead, she uses her intelligence, unpredictable nature, and martial arts skill to fight her opponents. If a fight requires weapons, she settles for a bat, giant mallet, and other unconventional items.

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In the Batman comics, Harley was an intern at the Arkham Asylum. Here, she met the Joker and became his partner. After enduring an abusive relationship, she decided to leave him.

7. Mystique

For many years, Mystique stood as one of the most enduring foes of the X-Men. Because of her powers, she can impersonate any character of the MC. Also, she ages slowly and can heal her damaged tissue.

Very little is known about her early life. After all, she is one of the oldest female supervillains alive.  However, a storyline talks about Raven having a relationship at the beginning of the 20th century.

8. Talia al Ghul

Talia is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the mother of Damian Wayne. Although she has a child for Batman, she is an enemy of the caped crusader.

As expected, Talia al Ghul has a mastery of different types of martial arts and weapons. Besides, her frequent use of the Lazarus pit keeps her in top shape. She even formed a deadly group and handled its affairs perfectly.

Unlike other names on our list, Talia does not have superpowers. But her fighting skills and intelligence presents her as a dangerous expert in hand-to-hand combat. With this in mind, she deserves a place on our list of female supervillains.

9. The Enchantress

As the Enchantress, June was a top-tier villain and member of several high-powered teams. During her missions, she defeated superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg. Moreover, she used an army of zombies to defeat Zatanna.

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Compared to villains on our list, the Enchantress offers an incredible selection of powers. Like most master magicians, she can manipulate magical energy to fulfill her wishes. Also, she has the power of flight, teleportation, telekinesis, and necromancy.

10. Livewire (Leslie Willis)

Before getting her powers, Leslie worked as a Metropolis radio broadcaster. During her broadcasts, she attacked several people including Superman. For this reason, she was loved by Lex Luthor.

While hosting a concert, Willis suffered an accident that hurt her terribly. But this tragic event enabled her to control electricity.

As Livewire, she can also absorb energy and turn it into pure electricity. Sometimes, she might travel through items that carry current. Also, her blasts are strong enough to stun superheroes like Superman.

Apart from harnessing energy, Livewire shows an impressive level of strength. At a power plant, she lifted the large covers of storage units to absorb some energy.