Ghost Rider?


As we know there is gonna be a Blade Movie and i think it is now the best time to introduce Ghost Rider. I think that the Story is good from the Movie that exist but its old and have not that good quality. In the End-Credit Scene of Blade they can show Gost Rider. What do you think?

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NEOnetfnassimo 1 year 7 Answers 358 views SHIELD AGENT 3

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  1. They will not introduce now

  2. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Ghost Rider made his debut in Ultimate Comics: Avengers volume 2, #2. Ultimate Ghost Rider’s origin is explained in Ultimate Comics: Avengers volume 2

  3. But a promising actor is needed for the role

  4. Blade is also a good platform to do it

  5. Yes it good time but now they won’t

  6. Yes its good time to introduce ghost rider especially in multiverse of madness

  7. It will be definitely awesome but will be fucked up bcoz in “the agent of the shield” they have there ghost rider.

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