10 Fastest Marvel Characters You Should Know

The Marvel Universe is home to some of the fastest characters in all of comics. These marvel speedsters can move at the speed of sound, light, and even faster. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 fastest Marvel characters.

Some of these characters you may know, and others may be new to you. But one thing is for sure, they are all incredibly fast!
So, without further ado, let’s get started!


1. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

Although he cannot run as fast as the Flash, the Silver Surfer is one of the fastest Marvel characters. Unlike most heroes, he has an incredible surfboard that travels at the speed of light. All of this quickness comes from a source known as the Power Cosmic. 

As a herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer uses his speed to find devourable worlds for his master. Also, the super speed allows him to break barriers and travel in time.

2. Gilpetperdon (The Runner)

Gilpetperdon The Runner
Gilpetperdon (The Runner)

In the Marvel Universe, the Runner is one of the oldest and most powerful characters. On top of that, he is also one of the fastest Marvel characters on our list.

He travels at speeds that allow him to cross the entire world. Thanks to the Power Primordial, Gilpetperdon can perform such a feat without any hassles.

Sometimes, he organizes a galactic marathon for various speedsters from the Marvel-Verse. As expected, the Runner uses these events to find other fast characters from the universe.

3. Yo Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

Yo Yo Elena Rodriguez
Yo Yo (Elena Rodriguez)

Slingshot (Yo Yo Elena Rodriguez) is a member of the Secret Warriors. She is also one of the Marvel characters that possess an incredible amount of speed. But she doesn’t just run around like the regular speedster. Instead, she moves and returns to her exact starting point. 

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Her power comes from her supervillain father, Griffin. Unlike his daughter that got her powers from birth, Griffin became powerful through special medical procedures.

4. Makkari


This hero is a member of a god-like race known as the Eternals. Besides, he stands as one of the fastest Marvel characters ever. 

Over the years, he has found ways to increase his speed. With his quickness, he performs amazing feats like running across water. He even defeated the Runner in a race that took place in Quasar 58. With this in mind, you can describe him as the fastest Marvel character. 

But his love for speed comes at a price. As he enhances his speed, Makkari has lost other abilities like flight and energy projection.

5. Quicksilver


Many people tend to compare the Flash with Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff). After all, he is one of the popular speedsters from Marvel comics.

So what’s special about Quicksilver? For starters, he has outrun bullets, radio waves, and Thor’s lightning bolts. With enough speed, he can even create intense winds and run over water.

Although Quicksilver boasts of incredible powers, he does not have the mutant gene. Instead, his abilities come from experiments created by the High Evolutionary.

6. Speed Demon

Speed Demon
Speed Demon

Also known as the Whizzer, this interesting villain moves faster than many comic characters. You can even add him to the list of Marvel’s fastest characters.

The Speed Demon is a supervillain that got his powers from an ancient being. With his incredible speed, he can move across walls and water. Since James has super-durability, he can withstand the effects of such speeds.

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7. The Blur

The Blur
The Blur

Blur is another hero that has impressive speed. Although he might not be in the same league as Makkari or the Runner, the Blur stands as one of the fastest Marvel characters.

However, his powers come at a price. For instance, he requires extra food and smells terrible. Also, he needs medication to sleep and cannot stay still. Moreover, he needs goggles to protect his eyes especially when he runs at extra top speeds.

8. Black Racer

Black Racer
Black Racer

Also known as the Streetwalker, Ariana Saddiqi has enough speed to rival most speedsters. Besides, she is a supervillain that worked with gangs like the Serpent Society and Serpent Squad.

According to Quasar #17, she has also raced against some of the fastest Marvel characters. Although she started well on the tracks, she lost against some of the toughest competition in the universe.

Little is known about the Black Racer. But we know that she gets her speed from her powerful legs. 

9. Marvel Speed

Marvel Speed

After escaping from a secret facility, this superhero joined the Young Avengers and Secret Avengers. During missions with these teams, he has used his impressive velocity to save lives and battle many villains.

With his speed, he can move easily over water. Also, he can vibrate his molecules until he can pass through various types of obstacles. So before asking “who is the fastest superhero?”, you should check out his adventures with his team.

10. Mercury (Hermes)

Mercury Hermes
Mercury (Hermes)

Mercury (Hermes) is hailed as the god of Speed by Greek and Roman cultures. Apart from running at high speeds, this character can fly quicker than many Marvel characters. Besides, he can move between different worlds within seconds. 

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His body suits superspeed because it can resist friction and impacts of high-speed travel. On top of that, he boasts of one of the toughest skins of the Marvel-verse.