Deadpool VS Deathstroke: Who Wins?

Let’s run through each character’s origin starting with Deadpool.


Origins of Deadpool

His real name is Wade Wilson. He was born as a normal person in a highly dysfunctional family in a little town of Ohio. He ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country all while getting military training from various authorisations. He was eventually diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Hoping to cure himself he volunteered for a subset of the Weapon X program that was attempting to give him Wolverine’s healing factor. The experiment made his cancer worst. His entire body got horribly disfigured. He also became mentally unstable. Thinking he was a failed experiment the facility sent him to a hospice with other failed experiments from the program.

While there, other prisoners would take a pool called a Dead Pool as to how long each subject would live. Wade was sentenced to death after breaking rules of hospice by killing his friend Worm. But he only killed him out of kindness to put him out of his misery, as he was just lobotomized. So they tried to kill Wade by taking his heart out. But his newfound healing factor kicked in and then he escaped and ironically called himself Deadpool.

Deadpool vs Deathstroke

Origins of Deathstroke

At the age of 16, Slade Wilson was determined to enlist in the US Army. So he ran away from his home and lied about his age to be in the army. His talents and skills in guerrilla warfare far were superior to than any other soldier. Due to which he was quickly promoted over and over by his superiors.

Sometime later Slade Wilson married Adeline and they had their first son Grant Wilson who later becomes the first Ravager. After the birth of his first son, the Army asked Slade to be a volunteer of a secret medical experiment that was said to be a defence against enemy true serum and he agreed.

But it was later revealed to really be an attempt to create super soldiers. Slade’s body reacted badly to the experiment. It made him aggressive and enraged and he needed to remain sedated and bedridden through the birth of his second son Joseph Wilson. Later Slade realised that the experiment had worked succesfully. This enhanced his strength, speed, senses, stamina and reflexes beyond that of an ordinary man. Long story short Slade eventually became fed up with the army and its code of blind loyalty, so Slade created the costumed persona of Deathstroke the Terminator becoming the greatest mercenary the world would ever know.

Deathstroke Origins

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Powers and Abilities of:


Deadpool’s primary ability is his accelerated healing factor. He easily has one of the best healing factors in the Marvel Universe. The healing factor also provides a certain degree of immunity from foreign chemicals such as toxins and sedatives and gives mere immunity from all diseases.

But besides his amazing healing factor Deadpool is immortal. Thanos curse them with immortality so he can never die and be with death who he’s in love with.

Deadpool is at the peak of human strength. While he doesn’t have superhuman strength he is at least on par with an Olympic level weightlifter. He has superhuman stamina, meaning he’s not going to get tired in a fight. Deadpool’s speed, reflexes and agility are highly enhanced. He’s been shown to easily dodge bullets at close range, disarmed opponents without them even being aware of what has happened and has deflected bullets with his katana at point-blank range. Deadpool is a highly skilled martial artist and is able to easily fight highly skilled opponents such as Wolverine.

He also shows a degree of unpredictability in his fighting style which made it possible to defeat the Taskmaker. This is extremely impressive as Taskmaster has what he calls photographic reflexes which allows him to know a person’s fighting style after watching them just once. Deadpool is obviously a Master Assassin who uses a wide range of guns, knives, bombs but most notable are the two katanas he carries with them at all times. Wolverine even once admitted that Deadpool is a better killer than he is.

He is also able to break the fourth wall meaning he’s aware that he’s in a comic book. Due to his ability to realize he’s in a fictional world, Deadpool can perform actions that directly defy the rules of reality and physics. For example, he uses a bottomless satchel to store an infinite amount of ammunition, weaponry and anything else he wants which of course comes in handy in a fight.


Deathstroke is the best tactician in the DC Universe and can process information 9 times more efficiently than a normal human. It was stated in the identity crisis that unlike a regular man, Slade uses 90% of his brain cave making him a strategical genius. Because of this he alone momentarily beat the Justice League which consisted of Wally West Flash, Hawkman, Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, Satana the elongated man, Green Arrow and Black Canary.


Deathstroke’s muscular system was hardened and strengthened making him way stronger than an average human being. He is strong enough to snap a sword in half, cut through a car with his sword and even trade hits with Donna Troy. He has been shown to even sidestep Starfire’s blasts. Other characters such as Hawkman have even commented on how impressive Slade’s speed reflexes and agility are.

His endurance and pain tolerance are also above human levels. Since Deathstroke has on many occasions continued fighting even with losing massive amounts of blood or taking the punishment that would kill a normal human. Slade has little accelerated healing factor which helps him to recover from major wounds.

His ability has limitations however as he cannot regenerate lost eyes or limbs. Although he can heal from fatal injuries such as being shot multiple times, stabbed with the sword through vital organs and so on. His reflexes and agility are so good that he can casually dodge point-blank gunfire from multiple assailants.

Deathstroke also loves his weapons. His most notable ones are his broadsword, energy staff and a wider range of guns. With all that said both characters have way more powers, abilities and traits.

So now its time to announce the Winner

This matchup is extremely close and could really go either way but we gonna give this one to Deathstroke. And now all the Deadpool fans are like what No a Deadpool is immortal, he has a way better healing factor and you’d be correct and saying all those things.

But just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you can win every single fight, it just means you can’t die. In fact, Moon Knight has defeated Deadpool before, did Deadpool die no, but he sure did lose that fight

Even though Deadpool has a way better healing factor than Deathstroke, his awesome healing factor is also his biggest weakness. Because it makes Deadpool careless in battle as he relies on his healing factor way too much and Deathstroke the Terminator is not someone you want to be careless with as he’s a strategical genius. Which is one of the main reasons I’m giving this win to Deathstroke, he’s just way smarter and more strategic than Deadpool.

I’m not saying Deadpool is stupid or not strategic by any means because he is smart and strategic. But he’s just mentally unstable and straight-up crazy. While Deathstroke is more focused in just thinking and plotting on ways to defeat his opponent the entire fight.

At some point in the fight, Deathstroke would out think Deadpool because that’s what Deathstroke does. One example would be he would strategically put Deadpool in a position where Deathstroke could cut off his head at which point he would hide it somewhere Deadpool couldn’t reattach it to his body. Deadpool wouldn’t die of course but he sure would lose that fight.

Anyway, I don’t expect all of you to agree with me and that’s completely fine. That’s what makes this stuff fun to talk about. So comment down below what do you think?

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