Why Constantine is the most badass mage ever?

Constantine’s Early days

The gutter magician, John Constantine has been around for decades, tricking demons and blackmailing Gods. Constantine was born in a family of Magicians only to be hated by his father who blamed him for his mother’s death. Descending from a long line of magic users John, he was drawn to occult practices at a very young age. His abusive relationship with his father forced him to curse his father to a fragile old man and flee his home. John also locked his childhood innocence with magic so that it wouldn’t cripple him in the future.

John after fleeing away from home moved into London where he met his longtime friend, Chas Chandler. Along with Chas, John moved around places learning to harness his magic. John got himself into magic so deep that it took a toll on his life. Later on, with an alias ‘Johnny Con Job,’ Constantine led a band called ‘The mucous membrane.’

The New Castle Incident

In the early days, John along with his band tries to help a child called Astra who is possessed by a demon. To fight against his first demon, John summons ‘Nergal’ a friend so powerful, which he and his band fail to control. Nergal defeats Astra’s demon only to drag Astra to hell leaving her blood on Constantine’s hands. John admitted himself in Ravenscar Psychiatric hospital to cope up with his guilt of losing Astra. After realizing that the facility was illtreating him, John escaped the facility. But eventually, John will grow to defeat Nergal and free Astra in the future.

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The Ultimate Con Man

His binge smoking got him Caner. Having nothing to lose, John traded his life to save his friend’s by tricking a powerful entity called ‘The first’ into drinking the holy water. The First loses his power not being able to take lives. In frustration, The First curses John that he will suffer a cruel torment in hell after his death. To escape death, John sells his soul to two other powerful demons in hell. To avoid the conflict between the demons, they cured John’s cancer. This pissed of The First so much that he sought other ways to exact his vengeance upon John. John lost many of his friends for The First’s rage. He was so badass that he blackmailed God himself to keep his soul out of hell to evade the fight and save his friends. As if things are not crazy enough, John struck a deal with a demon to raise three demons children who later on killed many of his friends including his sister Cheryl. Cheryl was dammed to hell by The First to exact vengeance upon Constantine.

The Laughing Magician


For our hero, the very existence is a pain; he deals with the consequences of his actions every day. Haunted by the ghosts of his dead girlfriends, dealing with substance abuse, tormented in High-security prison and a mental asylum, life hasn’t been fair to our laughing magician. To come out on better, he lies, hurts, and betrays the people closest to him. John later realizes that all the bad things in life are because of the unborn brother of his which he killed in his mother’s womb. Finally, John took control of his life by severing his bond with his unborn brother. He then faked his death and lived in isolation to avoid bad things happening to his close ones.