Chrollo Lucifer: 7 Interesting Things About This Villain

People love the Hunter x Hunter series for many reasons. For instance, it has an interesting plot, comic relief and drama. It also has an amazing cast of heroes and villains.

Chrollo Lucifer is one of the popular bad guys of the show. Apart from heading the Phantom Troupe, he is also one of the most dangerous characters of the Hunter x Hunter series. On top of that, no one knows his family, background or origins.

But there is more to the life of this interesting character. If you want to learn more about Chrollo h x h, here are some facts about the character.


Some Facts About Chrollo Lucifer

Here are seven of the top facts about one of the popular villains of the Hunter x Hunter series.

1. He is a Floor Master

Floor Masters are skilled combatants of the Hunter x Hunter universe. As a reward, they can own floors and even battle for keys to a penthouse. Apart from Hisako Morrow, Chrollo Lucifer is the only cannon floor master of the series.

To become a Floormaster requires much work. The contenders will have to win 10 matches and not lose more than 4.

2. He Can Steal Abilities

With his Nen ability, Chrollo can steal abilities from many rivals. Coupled with his strength, these abilities turn him into a formidable opponent. But before he can perform this task, he will have to meet certain conditions in a space of one hour.

First, he must ask questions about the ability and receive answers from the owner. Next, it is necessary that he witnesses the original owner of the ability fight with such abilities. Also, the intended target should touch his book.

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Chrollo h x h has several abilities. They include the indoor fish, fun fun cloth and order stamp.

3. He is Always Calm

One of the striking features of Chrollo is his calmness. Even if he is in a tight spot, this Hunter x  Hunter villain does not look bothered. With this in mind, Chrollo wasn’t even bothered about death.

One of the popular examples of this trait can be found in the anime Hunter x Hunter (2011). In Episode 52 of this series, Chrollo was able to fight off an assassination attempt without losing his cool. Maybe because of his cool demeanour, one of the assassins referred to him as cheeky.

4. He Cares About the Members of His Group

Chrollo Hunter x Hunter is the head of a criminal group known as the Phantom Troupe. Most times, he has shown several acts of devotion towards members of this group.

When Uvogin was killed by Kurapika, Chrollo avenged his death by wiping out the Mafia. Before taking revenge, he even shed tears for his team member. Moreover, when Hisoka killed some members of the Phantom troupe, Chrollo also felt extremely sad.

5. He Doesn’t Have Any Goal for Forming the Phantom Troupe

Most anime villains have reasons for forming organisations. For instance, One Punch Man’s Monster Association was created to take over the world while Dragon Ball’s Red Ribbon Army wanted to get all the balls by any means. But Chrollo’s Phantom Troupe did not have an exact goal except plundering and committing mass murder.

6. He Almost Killed Hisoka Morrow

Hisoka Morrow is one of the most dangerous members of the Phantom Troupe. Before he left, he tried to murder Chrollo. But since the villain walked around with bodyguards, he couldn’t get the chance.

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However, both characters met in the fighting competition where Chrollo defeated his ex-teammate.

After beating Hisoka at the Heaven’s Arc, the character almost killed the crazy court jester.  During the battle, Chrollo used many dangerous techniques to defeat Hisoka.

According to the series, Hisoka lost his arms and damaged his internal organs. This became possible after Lucifer launched explosives on him. But as Morrow used his Bungee gum technique, he was able to stay alive after getting a direct hit.

7. He Chrollo Kills with a Pen

When it comes to weapons, Chrollo has a wide selection of odd choices. He uses knives, antennae and a bat-shaped telephone. However, his strangest weapon is a pen.

As expected, Chrollo shows great skill in using this item. When it comes down to it, he was able to stop his assassination by using this item. Before he could stop the assassin, he had to push the pen through his head.

Other Random Facts about Chrollo Lucifer

Are you still up for more facts about Chrollo? Here are some quick facts about this character.

  • He loves black clothing
  • He cannot resist the urge to steal Nen abilities from other characters
  • He respects Hisako