Top 10 Captain Marvel Powers in the MCU

Since her debut in a 1970’s comic, Carol Danvers, known as Captain Marvel, has attracted the interest of many comic enthusiasts. Since then, she has become one of the most powerful heroes from the MCU.

But what are the exact Captain Marvel powers? Well, this article will show you some of the incredible abilities of this awesome character.


Captain Marvel Powers in the MCU

1. Creates Illusions

Since Captain Marvel can control radiation and gravity, it is easy for her to manipulate how other characters view reality. Although it is an amazing ability, illusion casting is one of the least used Captain Marvel superpowers. With this in mind, you will not find Captain Marvel making illusions in any comic or movie.

2. Heals Quicker than Most Superheroes

Apart from Wolverine and Deadpool, Captain Marvel is one of the fastest healing characters of the MCU. She has this ability because her body contains Kree genes. Also, she got some regenerative powers from her encounter with an alien super-soldier.

Thanks to her healing factor, she has recovered from battles against deadly foes like Rouge, Ronan the Accuser and Doomsday Man. She even survived a fight against another version of herself.

3. Sustains Herself for Long Periods

Yes, you guessed right. Captain Marvel can stay for days without taking meals or fluids. Besides, she can also withstand long periods of sleep deprivation.

So how can she perform this incredible feat? Well, Captain Marvel already has alien physiology that makes her survive harsh environments. On top of that, she can absorb energy from her surroundings and remain in top shape.

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4. Ages Slowly

Many superheroes become old and die. But Captain Marvel MCU has an interesting ability that slows her age and even makes her look immortal.

According to Ms. Marvel Vol 2 #21, the Beast mentioned that Captain Marvel’s regenerative powers could rival the Wolverine’s own.

5. Carries Heavy Weights

Are you thinking of more Captain Marvel powers and abilities? If yes, then you can add superhuman strength to your list. Although she cant be compared to the Hulk, she can lift incredible loads without breaking a sweat.

There many cases of Ms. Marvel showing amazing strength. For example, she carries a train on her back and deadlifts it. Also in the Avengers: Infinity War movie, she moved a crowded spaceship across the galaxy and dropped it at the Avengers’ base on earth. Later in the story, she even went toe to toe against Thanos.

6. Flies Anywhere

Before becoming a superhero, Captain Marvel was a highly skilled USAF pilot. But as she became part of the Kree, she got a suit that can make her fly without aircraft or spaceships.

Although she can’t technically fly on her own, the costume allows her to move fast in the air. But when she upgrades to her binary form, she can also fly without wearing her Kree armor. Overall, superhuman flight comes as one of the popular Captain Marvel superpowers on our list.

7. Moves Very Fast

Unlike most of the superheroes of the MCU, Captain Marvel can travel at high speeds. Even if she is not a speedster, she reaches speeds that exceed the speed of sound. As expected,  she can control the ability by maneuvering her movements easily.

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8. Resists the Effects of Toxins and Diseases

During her adventures, she gets exposed to different dangerous substances. But since she is part of Kree, poisons do not harm her. Also, she doesn’t suffer from any types of illnesses that come from radiation exposure.

9. Controls Radiation

Captain Marvel has a connection to a cosmic power source known as the white hole. With this in mind, she can handle radiation better than many comic characters.

For instance, Captain Marvel shoots loads of energy beams at will. She has this ability because she can easily manipulate radiation. Asides from boasting of projected beams, Captain Marvel can even absorb and repeal radiation.

10. Possesses the 7th Sense

Now here is one of the remarkable Captain Marvel superpowers on our list. Remember Peter Parker’s “Spider Sense”? Well, Captain Marvel has something similar but larger than that. Known as Cosmic Precognition, she can sense trouble within any part of the universe. It also helps her to prepare for dangerous situations.