Can anyone share a guide for watching Marvel Animated TV SHOWS?


I hate watching Animated tv shows and movies, but I am planning to watch Marvel animated tv shows, do any one know from where should I start watching animated shows?

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Raj Mehta 1 year 7 Answers 337 views Avenger 3

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  1. Id agree with Tyyyyie most of Avengers Assemble episode are boring except a few for example the one in which they defeat Thanos with individual powers outmaching the powere of each stone

  2. The man who bought America :Captain America

  3. Avengers assemble heyMARVELfans really? I mean it’s your thoughts but a lot of the Spider-Mans possess a better ending to their stories.

  4. Why does this require a guide? On how to buy the stuff or do you want someone to recommend tv shows?

  5. I think Avengers Assemble are the best

  6. If you want to start watching animated series of marvel than you should begin with

    • Spiderman and his amazing friends
    • Spider-man: the animated series
    • X-Men: the animated series
    • The Avengers: earth’s mightiest hero
    • Ironman: Armored adventures
    • Ultimate Spiderman
    • Fantastic 4: world’s greatest heroes
    • Spectacular Spiderman
    • Wolverine and the X-Men
    • Avengers Assemble (still going on)
    • Gotg: the animated series
    • Hulk and the agent of S.MA.S.H

    This are some best animated series which I think they are. Any left plz let me know!

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