Blue Beetle Origins

   The Blue Beetle is a superhero created by the DC Universe in February of 2006. He is part of many teams. Some of them are the Teen Titans, Justice League, Young Justice, and Justice League International.

    The true identity of the cure Blue Beetle is a young boy from El Paso named Jaime Reyes. The way Jaime got his powers was bizarre.

There have been 3 Blue Beetles. The first one is Dan Garrett. He is the original Blue Beetle from 1939. The way he got his powers was from ingesting Vitamin 2X. In 1964 he turned into an archaeologist who got the Blue Beetle powers from an ancient Egyptian Scarab. One of his students was named Ted Kord. Ted would soon take after Dan as the Blue Beetle. Then finally, in 2006, Jaime was the Beetle. The way he got his powers was from the Scarab also. The Scarab interacted with him. Differently, it fused within his spine. The suit can cover his body and provide a coat of armor.

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    Jaimes first encounter with a metahuman ended very oddly. He was alone and naked in the desert. He had to hitchhike back to his El Paso home. When he finally reached the house, he found out he was missing for a whole year. The Scarab attaches to his back can use a dimensional mode of transport. When he finally reached home, he had a surprise for family and friends. Oddly, he told the people closest to him about the Scarab and what he can do.

    As I said earlier in the article, he did work with other superhero teams. I will write another article some time about the teams he worked with and what they did. I love writing these articles, and if you liked it, there would be more. Thank you!