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As we know that mutants will be going to join MCU. So are there any chances that the storm can be a love interest of t’challa (as per comics). Even though whom will he will choose strom or Nakia!?

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  1. It would be an interesting combination to see, but don’t think that there is any chance of that happening in the near future.
    Besides, that won’t suit well with t’challa’s arc until now.

  2. Huh, Interesting question dude. I dont think Blackpanther will do that, it will effect his personality in MCU. And xmen getting into MCU is not happening anytime sooner. But lets see. It would be very interesting to see Storm and Black panther together!

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  3. And if she does I don’t think she would have a love interest in T’challa as her origin would not be comic accurate

  4. The new mutants would join MCU so theres not much chance of storm to be there

  5. I don’t think he will do . He will not.

  6. Huh good question buddy but we can’t expect them together as x-men into the MCU is gonna take much time and even if they were added the storm and black panther pair is not possible as it affwcymts the character of black panther

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