About us

About us

Last year we were a group of friends who really really loved Superheroes and comic books and movies. One fine Sunday, we were just chilling in a cafe, and by chilling I mean discussing about ‘Who would win in Superman V Thanos Battle’, God we are such nerds. So at that very moment I came up with an idea to create a community of people like us.

So next day we got together and created a page on Instagram called @Comicnity, because you know:

Comic + Community= COMICNITY

I know sounds kinda lame, but we love it. Anyway, so we started the Instagram page and worked on it daily. And after few months, all of the sudden we realise that we now have community of 40k Active Members or you can just say 40k Followers.

We decided to take this a step further and we started our own website. And now we are working day in and out to maintain and grow our Community through Instagram and this website.

Our Goal

Our Main Goal is to make this website kind of a Social place where comic-minded people can share their views about superheroes, review comic books, write articles, post bizarre comic theories, start discussions and interact with each other.