10 Interesting Things that You Didn’t Know About Magneto

Magneto is one of the popular characters of the Marvel Universe. For many years, this powerful mutant has been featured in many X men comics and movies.

There are many common facts about Magneto. For instance, everyone knows that he can control metal and has a hatred for mankind. Besides, some fans know Ian McKellen as a popular Magneto actor. However, there certain parts of the character’s life that are unknown by many comic fans. 

Do you want to know more about Magneto in X-Men comics? Here are some of the facts about this interesting villain.


1. Magneto is the Oldest X-Men Villain

Yes, Magneto was the first enemy of the X-Men. In September 1963, the metal bending character was featured in the first X-Men comic. Here, Magneto destroyed a rocket,  took over a missile base, and battled Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and the Iceman. Even if he showed immense power, he was defeated by the x-men.

2. He Was Defeated by Iron Man

Although Magneto has complete power over metal, he was defeated by Iron Man. In a 2012 issue of the Avengers vs. the Xmen, Tony Stark abandoned his traditional metal armor and used a carbon suit to battle Magneto. Since non-metallic objects are a popular Magneto weakness, he got knocked out by the Iron Avenger. 

3. Magneto Didn’t Always Fly

In the older Marvel comics, Magneto couldn’t fly. If he wanted to move around, he had a special vehicle that he operates by using his magnetic powers. Also, the machine was bright red – like the villain’s armor – with a bright M.

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In modern times, he does not bother with vehicles. Instead, he fixes metal bracelets to his arm and uses them to levitate into the air. 

4. His Real Name is Max

In the movies and comics, people call him “Magnus” or “Eric”.  But Magento’s real name is Max Eisenhardt. After escaping a Nazi death camp, he changed his name to Eric Magnus Lehnsherr. 

5. He Carried Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons of the Marvel-verse. Apart from Thor, few characters can handle this mythical object. 

Magneto stands as one of the people that can wield Mjolnir. After the death of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, he drew out Thor’s hammer to destroy major parts of New York City. However, he was stopped by Cyclop while Valkyrie recovered the item from him. 

6. He can Resist Rouge’s Touch

A touch from Rouge can drain the abilities of any human or mutant. But she cannot absorb the powers of Magneto. 

Thanks to Magneto’s ability to resist Rogue’s touch, both characters got married and even had a son. During this period, Magneto could also control her powers. But,  nobody knows how he can perform this feat without any outward effects on his body or mind. 

7. He Can Control the Iron Levels in Human Blood 

Apart from regular metals, Magneto can manipulate the iron content in the blood. In an X-Men movie, the Magneto actor escaped from prison by turning the blood of a guard into projectiles. Moreover, he also causes great pain to his enemies by controlling their blood flow. 

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8. The Magneto Actor Did Not  Like His Performance 

Michael Fassbender has acted as a younger Magneto in several X-Men movies. But he felt that his portrayal as a Magneto was not the best work. He even felt slightly embarrassed as he watched a clip of himself ( as Magneto) take down a plane.

However, since Disney has acquired the creative rights to the X-Men, he might continue as a Magneto. Besides, he could get an “easier” role as a non-mutant character. 

9. He Can Become Unstable 

Are you looking for another Magneto weakness? If yes, then you could add his unstable mind to your list. 

According to Moria X (a geneticist and X-Men ally), Magneto can lose his mind due to the effects of his powers. Her diagnosis was right as the villain has suffered depression and several breakdowns. Also, he has performed several acts of incredible violence against civilians. 

10. He is a Great Fighter 

Even if he loses his powers, Magneto can still defend himself against regular attacks. After all, he is well trained in hand-to-hand combat and has a knack for strategy and tactics. Most of his fighting skills come from his training as a former CIA operative.